Italian hip hop nights are back at the Brixon Jamm with a heavy-weight of the scene: Rocco Hunt, an mc that has carved his name on the Italian music wall of fame, despite his young age.


Thanks to his flow, stamina, talent and depth of themes touched on by his lyrics and the crispness and captivating mood of his productions, Rocco’s career is intense and on the fast-track: he is only 16 when his first mixtape “A’ Music è Speranz” (Music is Hope) is released in 2010 for the local Dint Recordz label.

Fast-forward to 2014 and Rocco, after two further records produced by Italy’s top beatmakers and featuring the best rappers on the scene, is the winner of the emerging artist category at the Festival di Sanremo (Italy’s top music contest) with the single “Nu Juorno Buono” (A Good Day). The song not only is the first hip hop song (in Neapolitan dialect!) to win such price but is also received with fascinated acclaim by the critics earning Rocco a number of awards. His latest singles, “Kevvuo” (“What do You Want?” in Neapolitan slang) e “Niente da Bere” (“Nothing to Drink”) announce his new studio album that will be out soon for Sony Music.

Born in the suburbs of Salerno in 1994, Rocco Hunt (real name Rocco Pagliarulo) comes from a simple but solid background. Coming into contact with hip hop at the young age of 11 he soon becomes attracted to the four elements and his natural musical talent leads him to experiment in live freestyle battle where he begins building up a reputation. But it is not only rap: Rocco grows up and thrives in the buzzing Neapolitan music scene and its many influences are all embedded in his very personal style: a mix of tradition and contemporary, of melody and toughness, acoustic and digital, pop and electronic.

Rocco Hunt Live in London

Mon 23rd Apr at 7:00pmMon 23rd Apr at 11:00pm
Brixton Jamm in London, United Kingdom